Introducing…He-Sed® – “Speaking His Word in Love”

December 19, 2012

An experienced, insightful and inspirational coaching ministry, designed to give you and yours the power to live a successful life.

After 30 years of International Ministry we have developed a coaching programme designed to strengthen, encourage and empower your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Built around three major axes, our ministry has already benefitted many churches, mission movements and individuals around the world.

  1. The three powers Kingdom Triangle® – Embrace, Create, Destroy –
  2. A Fruit in Season – Inspired devotionals to feed the soul –
  3. The Birkman Method for Empowering talent. – As a qualified consultant we can take you through this highly valued test which reveals our vocational motivations, our strengths, and needs, as well as helping manage our stress – Birkman logo 2

This page is still a work in progress as we build up the site, but, if you feel you would like to organise a personally tailored programme for you or your group, please respond below and we will get back to you.

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