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Latest Book Release – A year long programme of inspirational devotionals to feed the soul. Available as an e book or paperback on Amazon.


Two new books:


Steps of Experience


Open Heaven

Three stimulating books available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Steps of Innocence

Steps of Innocence

A passionate account of the incredible faith journey of one ordinary man. From the humble beginnings of an orphan’s prayer in Wales, we are taken on an adventure that leads us to the nations of the world. France beckons as do the mountains of North Africa, the people of Cambodia and the cities of China. The Equatorial forest of Central Africa also calls out its ancient rhythms and invites us to dance with Pygmies under fire filled stars. We share a journey of love and grace, where the knowledge and quest for the divine infuses every page.

The Penny and the Prayer

The Penny and The Prayer

“The passionate quest of a family to escape poverty and find purpose. Ralph seeks sons, Ryan, the violent soldier, seeks deliverance and Rosie, the feisty intellectual, seeks to fulfil her life as an empowered woman. Destiny, the size of a penny, follows them on their journeys through the war torn streets of Cardiff, the Latin Quarter of Paris, the jungle of Malaysia, to the Equatorial Forest of Central Africa. Rugged violence marries with love, devotion and prayer in this literary adventure.”

Embrace, Create, Destroy

Embrace, Create, Destroy

One Song, Three Prayers, Three Words – added to Three Prophetic Actions, come together to release a fresh wave of intimacy, innovation, and evangelism into the Church. Jesus promised His disciples “power” and every page of this Bible soaked book will lead you to discover your own place and purpose in His Kingdom. You will learn about the increasing levels of intimacy and the Bridal paradigm. You will see how to develop your dreams and stir up fresh creativity – including a greater understanding of Business as Mission. You will discover a fresh power of the Gospel, enabling you to experience more of Christ’s victory in your life.

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