rob preachingHe-Sed™ is based around the ministry of Robert Reeve, who has over 33 years experience in teaching God’s word and building teams.

Robert has strong references from a number of Christian denominations and bodies and has an Anglican background. He is currently leading a pioneer church planting movement with his wife Sylviane in the small town of Wavrin, France. It is the only evangelical church in an area of 300,000 people!Source de Vie Through “Vision 50” they are wanting to see 50 new people added to the church this year. Pray for us and contact us if you are interested in working in France.

He would adhere to the Lausanne statement of faith.

He is a dynamic preacher and has been  the keynote speaker at many major conferences. Robert is also passionate about writing and has published a number of books which you can find here.

“Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”  Matthew 13:52

He is a recognised minister in the CEPEE  group of Logo Cepeechurches which is also a member of the French Protestant Federation.

Robert is also a key partner and founder member of the International Mission – World Horizons.


International Business Alliance

Over the last years he has been heavily involved in defining some of the theology and practise of Business as Mission and has been  a keynote speaker in partnership with the International Business Alliance and The Centre for Business as Mission. cbam-logo

Robert is also linked to the ministry of, Nations, and especially the Carey Academy in NationsWellingborough, GB.

Robert has given of his services freely and subsidised much of his ministry into pioneer church planting in France and mission building in the poorer emerging nations. This has been helped by the support of friends and the honorariums he has been able to receive from the generosity of more established groups.

In establishing a programme it is usual practise to encourage the group to cover the costs of basic travel and board, and, where able, to contribute a donation.

Donate to the ministry using Stewardship Services


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Educational Background – BA from the University of East Anglia and Phd from NCI University New Covenant InternationalUnivesity

Hesed final

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